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March 9, 2021
Seaworthy: Handmade Designer

Known for her minimalist and timeless jewelry, Brazilian designer Adriana Neves represents an evolved intersection between art and fashion.

Delicate, modern, classic jewelry handmade in Los Angeles with the finest metals and stones and the utmost thought and attention to detail.

Their mission is simple: “Turning useless into useful.” It means magically turning something of lesser value into something of greater value. For Alchemy Goods, the value isn’t economical so much as ecological. They look for materials that are normally discarded that might have value with a little bit of imagination and some hard work.

Designer Kiki Parry has been crafting memorable cards since she could fold paper. Alternate Greetings combines a great looking card with the stuff you want to say to your friends – but usually can’t find on the shelves.

Inspired by the fifties, the collection emphasizes femininity and a taste for retro-style. Often snug, cozy, and displaying classic designs of the era, the clothes attract those with a passion for Rock and Roll as well as ladies looking for originality with a throw-back flair.

Karina Brown created AstraLux to share the botanical marvels she dreams up in her kitchen. Every product is handmade by her. Using all organic ingredients, Karina's products are amazing for your body.

betsy & iya started in 2008 in a coffeeshop with a notebook, a bright red pencil, and nothing left to lose. They design and create it all in their brick and mortar studio and shop in downtown Portland.

This Canadian streetwear line was founded by the daring and avant-garde designer Judith Desjardins, and manufactured completely in Montreal from fabrics gathered all over the world. Bodybag is known for it’s beautiful fit, high standards of quality, and keen eye for style elements and details. Killer Style since 1998.

Candace is a Portland fashion design studio. She creates original designs along with seamstress services. Each snap-down shirt is individually cut and sewn with love at Candace.

My line, affectionately called Carolyn Hart, is created with love, laughter and never-ending amounts of passion. I infuse classic lines with a splash of edginess, resulting in women’s wear that will never feel old. Designing every day is like a dream for me, reflected in each and every garment I create.

Caru Skincare Co. is a small skincare producer based in NYC that is devoted to creating high quality, healthy and ecologically sound skincare products.

Chocolate and Steel is an American made and handcrafted business that treats people and our world with respect, love and kindness. We are committed to sustainable, modern design that embodies a cheerful, adventurous spirit. Handcrafted in Los Angeles.

Cipriano Designs creates high quality, hand constructed leather bags and accessories that evoke artistic discovery in everyday living. Each premium product is born from the creative spirit of founder Nicole Cipriano, who strives to infuse an interpretation of the beauty of everyday life into functional pieces of art that inspire others.

A contemporary women’s boutique line from Toronto, Dagg and Stacey is fast becoming one of Canada’s most coveted labels. Guided by a strong sense of feminine tailoring and an informed nod to vintage detailing, Dagg and Stacey appeals to those whose attention to quality and style are paramount. Designed and manufactured exclusively in Canada, Dagg and Stacey is a socially conscious company focusing on fair trade labour, ecological issues, and their community.

Daisy Rock is a comfortable line of vibrant women's wear inspired by nature and created in Portland by fiber artist Amy Daileda. Amy uses eco-friendly fabrics, hand dyed brilliant color, collage work, and embroidery to craft small batches of timeless clothing.

ecoSkin is a California apparel company offering chic, contemporary designs for the eco-conscious but fashion-savvy woman. Core to its planet-friendly mission, ecoSkin uses only environmentally sustainable luxury fabrics woven, dyed and sewn in the USA.

Beautiful, unique sterling silver jewelry handmade in Portland, OR. Elyse uses fresh water pearls, garnets and vintage rhinestones to accent her main line of accessories. Some of our favorite jewelry by the sweetest Metalsmith in PDX.

A gifted young designer from Canada, Eve bases her collections on her experiences and what’s she’s feeling in the moment, “There are days when I feel like a woman, and others when I feel like a tomboy or a mischievous child”, something we can all relate to! Eve’s style combines a fresh personal touch with daring and flawless cuts. All of her garments are made in Montreal, Canada.

Trinity Cross is the creator of Field Day She designs a flattering, versatile, long lasting, and completely conscious ready-to-wear line inspired by classic silhouettes that flatter the figure. Field Day utilizes the most sustainable materials available such as reclaimed vintage bed sheets that have been dyed in small batches to organic cotton grown and milled in California.

This jewelry is inspired by the things that I love: nature, Portland, traveling and my grandmother. The image is laser cut onto the wood and the burn depth of the laser creates the darkness of the image.

Fetch is a small company with a big vision. We believe buying things you need should support the things you love.

Gold Fox Jewelry Co. is a beautiful hand made jewelry company started and run by Madison Gunson. The delicate pieces are all 14k solid gold and un like any other jewelry out there. Made for anyone with a passion for adventure and fun, and the love for fine, delicate, beautiful things.

Guttersnipe Press is the oddly-formed brainchild of a crotchety-old young couple named Steve and Melissa. After moving from central Appalachia to the North Carolina coast in 2010, they fell in love with hand-printing, letterpress, and silkscreen and began spewing forth the contents of their unbalanced minds on an unsuspecting world.

I believe that we choose jewelry to make a statement about who we are. Whether it's through color, style, or something that is symbolic and sentimental; our choices are not coincidental. I search for gemstones and colors that feel special, and components that have meaning.

Hearts + Bones is a Portland, Oregon based jewelry line coming to the Pacific Northwest by way of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Designer Anne Reis fuses her love of clean lines with rugged materials to create a line of jewelry that is soulful and chic all at once. She named her line after the Paul Simon song of the same title because it speaks of adventure and passion and traveling.

Hubris Apparel is a local fashion line from Portland Or dedicated to creative expression without ego. We strive to support a modern woman’s lifestyle by designing items that are versatile, easy to care for, and of course – fun. Hubris Apparel is committed to lean manufacturing, and small- run production, so often there are one of a kind garments, and custom orders are always possible through our retailers.

My name is Jane and I am a nail artist from the Jersey shore. I am inspired by my love of food, nerdiness, and books and try to incorporate that love into every set of nail decals or piece of jewelry i create. Jane's Tiny Things is a collection of miniature versions of my favorite things and we hope that you'll find some of your favorite things here, too!

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