Gold Chain for Jewelry making

March 1, 2022
5M/Lot Gold Aluminum Chain Hot

Cable ChainBeading Chain - Made from tiny, tightly fitted links, beading chain is thin enough to slide through bead holes as small as 1mm. Often the links are rectangular, which helps creates a smooth surface for pulling through bead holes. Beading chain can be crimped, which means you can add beads in attractive patterns that expose segments of the chain. The fact that beading chain is crimpable means that you can finish beading chain with crimp cord ends too!

Cable Chain - The most common type of jewelry chain, cable chain maintains an identical pattern for its entire length, giving it a classic and very versatile look! It is made from either round or oval links of the same size that are uniformly interlocked. Cable chain isn't just used in the jewelry industry. Large varieties get so big they're used on ships! Cable jewelry chain varies from delicate 1.4mm links to chunky 10mm links and larger.Figaro Chain Links can be basic, hammered, or otherwise textured, providing several styles within this one chain type.

Curb Chain - Similar to cable chain, curb chain is typically made from a series of identical links. The difference is that curb chain links are twisted or diamond cut so that they nestle against each other. This allows the entire length of chain to lay flat against the body. As with cable chain, curb chain comes in a great variety of sizes from dainty to big and blingy! It also allows for stylistic varieties including rope-textured links, hammered links, and more.

Rolo Chain Figaro Chain - This popular style of long-and-short chain displays a pattern of three short (round) links followed by one long (oval) link. Long-and-short chain is any chain with a pattern that alternates short links with long links. With figaro chain, the three short links generally equal (or nearly equal) the length of the long link in the pattern. Similar to curb chain, the figaro chain links are twisted or diamond cut so that the entire pattern lays flat. The result is sophisticated and elegant!

Rolo Chain - The links in rolo chain can be round or oval, but they always alternate creating a very 3-D effect. The chain links are made from flat or half-round wire, which makes them flatter and wider than regular wire links. As a result, this chain offers a heavier, more substantial appearance than many types of jewelry chain. Also known as belcher chain and rollo chain, it comes in several sizes, from petite "baby rolo chain" up to 11mm wide chain that makes a statement!

in sterling silver, karat gold fill, white plated (imitation rhodium), silver plated, gold plated, copper, brass, and black (gunmetal)! You'll find the popular types of chain defined above, plus, beaded chain, rhinestone chain (cup chain), popular purse chain styles, charm chain, and more! Chain supplies include ball chain connectors and clasps, plus rhinestone chain ends.

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Jewelry Making Handmade Gold Chain Tutorial - Part 1
Jewelry Making Handmade Gold Chain Tutorial - Part 1 ...
Gold Chains Jewelry Website For Sale
Gold Chains Jewelry Website For Sale
Learn about making gold chains (Jewelry Television)
Learn about making gold chains (Jewelry Television)
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