Loose Beads For Jewellery making

July 8, 2019
Charms Crafts Loose Beads

Loose Beads Buying GuideJewelry and clothing designers use bead accents on everything from haute couture to everyday wear. With loose beads, which include vintage beads, it is possible for artisans to create their own beaded jewelry looks for a fraction of what they would pay in stores. Interested consumers will discover a dazzling array of beads on eBay, made from every kind of element artists and nature can create, including lampwork and glass beads, shell beads, wooden beads, silver beads, clay and ceramic beads, crystal beads, rhinestone beads and other metal beads.

Putting Together a Jewelry-Making Kit

Individuals looking to put together a basic jewelry - making supply kit must consider what type of jewelry they will be interested in making. There are many types of jewelry that are made from little more than beads and a sturdy string, but those who wish to grow in the hobby should keep a kit on hand that leaves them prepared for anything. Finding the right type of beads depends on personal interest and the kind of look the designer hopes to achieve in the end. However, finding the right type of tools is a relatively universal task. Below is an overview of the basics needed to start a jewelry kit.

Loose beads

Well-stocked kits typically include a variety of loose beads in multiple sizes, colors, and shapes. Although it is far less expensive to purchase beads by the mass (1 mass equals 1, 200 beads) in one size, consumers will often find them online in much smaller quantities.


Spacers are an important component of jewelry making, as they provide an attractive space-saver between beads. They range from very ornate, to simple and practical. It is a good idea to stock one’s jewelry kit with a number of spacers to fit every design.

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Loose Beads, Fashion Accessories, Making of Jewelleries
Loose Beads, Fashion Accessories, Making of Jewelleries
making beaded jewellery round beads with clear color
making beaded jewellery round beads with clear color ...
Beads for Jewellery making
Beads for Jewellery making
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