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July 18, 2019
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Court adjourned

The court has adjourned for the day.

The trial will continue tomorrow.

'Accused drilled three holes through thick wall'

Mr Evans continued: “Uninterrupted thereafter, the men spent the night cutting through the second sliding iron gate and then drilling three adjoining and circular holes in the thick wall of the main vault (on the left-hand side) with the Hilti DD350 drill they had brought with them.

“Their efforts left a 25cm by 45cm breach in the wall.

“They would at this point have encountered the back of the heavy metal cabinet housing the safe deposit boxes which was fixed both to the floor and ceiling.

“It appears that they had with them on that first night a Clarke pump and hose, which included a 10 ton hydraulic ram; for some reason, though, the burglary was not completed that night.

“It seems, from what happened in the following days, that there was a problem with the pump and hose; what that problem was is not immediately clear, but it seemed it did not do its job and stopped them from moving the metal cabinet, bolted to the floor.”


'Men thought raid was false alarm'

Mr Evans said: “At 00:51 Wood appeared in view of the CCTV camera at the top of the basement stairs.

“He waited for a moment and then returned back down to the basement.

“Stockwell arrived at Hatton Garden at about 01:15; he called Alok Bavishi, who was by then five minutes away, to say that the main door and the fire exit appeared secure.

“He informed him, wrongly, that it was a false alarm.

“Both men returned home, as the attempts to access the vault, unbeknownst to them, continued inside.”

Alarm signalled soon after midnight

Mr Evans said: “It is likely that the outer iron gate was opened soon after midnight.

“It is possible to establish an approximate time because at 00:18, the alarm finally managed to send an SMS message to the monitoring company: opening the outer door is likely to have improved the signal to the panel.”

Alok Bavishi received a call from the monitoring company almost immediately.

“He was told that the alarm was signalling and that the police were on scene.

“The latter part of the message was wrong: the police never came until later.

“Alok Bavishi rang Keefa Raymond Kamara, but the trains had stopped running and he was without a car, so he could not attend.

“He then rang Kelvin Stockwell: the call initially went to voicemail but after a few minutes it connected: he spoke to Stockwell, who agreed to go Hatton Garden.

“Alok Bavishi himself was not originally intending to accompany him, but then decided he would as Stockwell was by himself and the police had been called, or at least he thought they had.”

Hatton Garden jewellery heistAccused 'crawled out of lift shaft and cut telephone line'

Mr Evans continued: “One or more of the four men crawled out of the lift shaft which is located in the airlock to the cupboard beneath the stairs, and cut the grey telephone line cable coming out of the alarm box.

“The GPS aerial had been broken off, significantly reducing the signal range.

“After attacking the alarm, the cover on the electrical box underneath the desk (which powers the outer sliding iron gate) was removed and the wires were cut.

“This stopped the power to the iron gate, allowing it to be pulled open; the manual key-operated door release does not appear to have been touched.

“The lock was broken off the wooden door to HGSD, leaving a hole in it.

“This allowed access for larger machinery and easier passage to and from the vault.”

Handwritten note said lift was "out of order"

Mr Evans said throughout the entire time these men were at Hatton Garden “they did not make or receive any mobile phone calls”.

He said: “So there they are, inside Hatton Garden.”

There is no CCTV to illuminate what happened next, but the subsequent examination of the lift sheds some light.

“The lift car had been moved to the second floor where it had been disabled: the door sensors had been left hanging off so that the doors would remain open.

“This opened a short drop down the shaft from the ground floor to the basement.”

At the bottom, the shutters were then pulled open from the inside. They were buckled.

“On the ground floor, a handwritten note had been stuck next to the lift, which had not been there before: it said, ‘Out of order’.”

'Lookout wore flat cap and carried briefcase'

Mr Evans continued: “Collins can be seen walking along Hatton Garden to the crossroads with Greville Street, wearing a green quilted jacket, a flat cap and carrying a brown briefcase; he then went into 25 Hatton Garden.

“How he got in is not altogether clear but he spent some time at the door of the property as if he is trying to open it.

“There is no question that there was at that time an abundance of keys to the main door of these premises in circulation.

“Studios and offices inside 25 Hatton Garden afford a clear view of both doors to 88-90 Hatton Garden, which now had Perkins, Reader, Jones and Wood inside.

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